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Week 9

With swimming used for fitness, and increasing stamina, the distance you can walk will start to increase. I would say that it is important to go swimming, as getting fit will help your recovery. My stamina for my daily walks increased range wise quickly up to 1.5km after a few days, which is a 50% increase in distance.

It is at this point you can start wearing a normal shoe (indoors only) on your right foot with heal pads inserted to slightly alter the angle of your foot. The heel pads raise the heal and slightly shorten the calf, so as to put less strain on the Achilles tendon.

The reason I was told that I could only wear normal shoes indoor, and not out, was because of trip hazards and curb / steps etc. However, our house is littered with kids toys and other rubbish, and so I took a decision to wear shoes out doors as well, provided I was not doing anything strenuous, like cycling or mowing the lawn. I walked only on roads, and never took my eyes off wear I was putting my feet. My main reason for taking this course of action was:

1 - Inside my house is just as dangerous as outside, littered with kids toys and Duplo bricks.

2 - My boot was still proving to be uncomfortable.

When you start walking without your boot, remember to take extra care of you ankle, it is weak, and folds over easily especially on rough ground.

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