Achilles Tendon Rupture Website c.2016

A quick reference all text, mobile friendly resource for people or persons recovering from a Achilles Tendon Rupture Injury


  • Weeks 6 to 8

  • I was wishing away the days to get to this point . . . I found it an anti-climax. With the boot in neutral it is easier to walk but not much better than weeks 2 - 6. So do not expect miracles. I did not manage more than 1 km walking as with weeks 4 - 6.

    At this point i was supplied with a large elastic band, which you use to do exercises with. It was at this point for me that I realized how weak my leg had become, you can just about stretch out this elastic band whilst it is looped around your foot. BUT fear not in just few days the strength will start to return, at least enough for you to show that elastic band who is boss!

    To see you calf muscle working again is a nice sight. I kid you not.

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