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A quick reference all text, mobile friendly resource for people or persons recovering from a Achilles Tendon Rupture Injury


    Weeks 4 to 6

    Four weeks post operation, your boot will be adjusted to 15 degrees, with the wedge sole still in place. This allows for a little movement in the ankle, and makes walking easier.

    The Wear in Period

    When it is first adjusted, it will feel strange and will take some time to get used to. I needed crutches to get back to the car (which my wife was driving), this wear in period becomes a running theme through out the recover process. . .  every two weeks expect to take a step back wards in terms of mobility in order to move forward. Keep you chin up this will get hard as the weeks grind by. Just as you become comfortable with a particularly way of walking, you will have more pressure put on your Achilles tendon and the discomfort will return.

    Mobility Weeks 4 - 6

    To give you some idea of mobility at this stage I managed a site seeing trip to Scotland, with walking around town (Royal Mile), and along the beach etc. for short distances. 1 mile max.

    It is still awkward showering and you still have to be very careful.  I found that my leg would ache quite a bit, when I was using it or when standing. Again you can do anything you have managed to do so far. But just bearing in mind if you overdo it then you will now loose 2 months, if you re-rupture.

    At the start if week 6 my physiotherapist advised me to switch to the flat sole (rocker sole) for the VacoPed Boot. This made thing immediately uncomfortable as it places more strain on the heel. And this discomfort remained until I had the boot adjusted at the end of Week 6.

    Try to go for a short walk everyday. I managed about 500 meters in one go and then head home, so about a 1km (1/2 mile) round trip.


    Having one leg longer than the other is very annoying, and make walking more tricky than it should be. You can buy a thing called an "Even Up" which you can wear on your shoe (good foot) so as to lessen the difference. An alternative is to pack a few insoles or layer of thick card in to you boot / shoe, to raise up you good foot a bit. Simply remove your shoe's insole, draw round it (card, camping role matt, dense foam packaging) and cut out the shape. Pop this under your insole. I should imagine this increases the chance that you will twist you ankle due to "roll over" so be a bit careful.

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