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Weeks 12 - 16

Weeks 12 - 16 allow a greater variety of exercises, but some are still not allowed.

Good Exercises

 Weeks 12 - 16 allow a greater variety of exercises:


As above, just ease in to it gently.


This gets easier all the time, but you have to be careful not to over do it. When you push yourself too hard walking, your bad Achilles leg will get weak, and you will start to limp. The idea is to get rid of the limp, so onlt walk for as far as you can without limping, other wise you are not helping yourself.

Static Bike or Flat Road Cycling

Provided you have low gearing and keep your foot forward on the pedal (most of weight through the heel) you can do so quite good cycling, even in hilly areas. Be prepared for you left quadratic (thigh) to let you down and cramp up.

Aerobic Gym Work (Treadmill / Stepper)

Surely this is the same as walking, which I prefer to do outside in the fresh air. I have never been to a gym outside of a hotel, so I am not the person to comment on this.

Gentle Weights

I presume this is for the upper body!


Note that jogging is not included. Advice is to avoid jogging for "4-5 months post injury", we are already at 3 months so no jogging for at least another month at this point.

Bad Exercises

To be avoided for 6 months from surgery date:


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