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Week 10

You can now officially use your shoes outdoors (with heel pads), so that is good. There should be some strength in your calf now, which means you can go back to:


If you ruptured your left Achilles, and you have an automatic chances are you will have been driving for a number of weeks, but if it is your right Achilles that was ruptured then this will be the first time you will be able to drive.

But you have to be able to do an emergency stop. . . . this involves pushing hard on the brake pedal. I would say it was week 11 before I could operate the brake properly, but I did drive before this, and it was scary as hell, and more importantly I was technically driving uninsured. So wait until week 11.


Now you can really start do a "bit" of walking. By the end of week 10 I was walking 3km (1 & 1/2 miles) although my calf muscle felt like jelly when I got home. It is Ok if your calf muscle aches (apparently), but if the Tendon starts to sting or burn then rest up. You might not have to rest for long, so don't worry just sit down and look at the view for 30 minutes and then be on you way.

One comical side effect of hobbling around all over the place is that people are always trying to help you. I have never been offered a lift so much in my life, perhaps 50% of the time. The human race . . awesome.

Do not over do the walking. If you make your Achilles sore you will start to limp more heavily. We are trying to stop the limp, not make it worse.


Keep up with the swimming. Just remember that your whole body is now weak, be careful not to pull muscles etc.

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